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Studying for the LSAT!

Studying for the LSAT!

In October I experienced part two of my quarter life crisis. I determined that I wanted to go to law school and decided that I was going to make it happen. I had a renewed sense of purpose. I read up on law school, talked to everyone I knew who went to law school, bought books, and even registered for the LSAT. When I decided to apply to law school, it was one of the biggest and most life-changing decisions I’ve ever made. And as with every big decision, there were some serious highs and lows along the way.

The Emotional Stages of Applying to Law School:

1. Buy a bunch of LSAT books at Barnes and Noble. Tell yourself you’ll enjoy your long weekend and start studying on Monday. Can’t wait and crack open the book Saturday afternoon and you have some nerdy *~fun~*. Logic, man.

2. Get angry. The LSAT is so stupid! This doesn’t even matter. It doesn’t tell anyone what I can really do! And it doesn’t reflect how hard I will work when I’ve put my mind to something.

3. Feel guilty for any amount of free time. What am I forgetting? What else could I be doing?

4. Spend the little free time you do have working on things that can wait. Proceed to work on your personal statement after taking a four hour practice test. No big deal.

5. Start running out of practice tests. Order more books!

6. Take the LSAT. I never have to study for that test again! That was awesome and yet sucked all at the same time! Now what do I do?

7. Determine that you should start being productive…two weeks after the LSAT. Maybe I’ll have a friend look over my personal statement. I should probably look into what’s required on the applications.

8. Get tired of revising essays. I think I’ll just submit my applications so I don’t have to deal anymore.

9. Forget how to entertain yourself. I seriously had no idea what to do with myself once I finished studying for the LSAT and submitted all of my applications.

10. Decide to conduct some research and read up on law school…

11. Read about law school on the internet and proceed to have an **epic meltdown** at church because you think everyone else is right. This is a terrible investment. I’m potentially making a huge mistake. And this whole thing is completely crazy.

12. Meet with admissions person a week later and feel really excited and optimistic. Maybe this is what I’m meant to do and I’m not making a mistake.

13. Start occupying yourself–as you wait for decisions–by reading some books that were recommended and asking a whole bunch of questions of anyone who knows anything about law school. And somehow, the more you read, the more excited you get because it sounds pretty awesome!

14. Determine that you definitely belong in law school. I should have been scared off long ago upon talking to all those people, attending those classes, and reading all those books. And yet, somehow, it all sounded pretty perfect to me. Read and write and talk about issues all the time? Sign me up.

15. Hear back from your first choice–earlier than expected–and get really, really obnoxiously excited! You also start to say things like “when I go to such-and-such school” and “when I pay my deposit.” Decision pretty much made.

16. You get some packets in the mail with all of these tasks you need to complete before the fall. It may have been January, but it’s a lot of stuff! And so, you start occupying yourself with all of these things that really don’t need to be done immediately.

17. Order a whole bunch of books recommended as summer reading by the professors. Again, it may be February, but I needed some distraction.

18. Panic when you realize some of your future classmates have already done some things that you had decided to put off. Should I be worried about these things? I thought I had until April. I think I’m going to fit in–they’re making me feel normal and I am most definitely not normal.

19. Countdown to the fall!

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Things About Injuries


So I took a Saturday trip to the ER last weekend. I sort of fell in a hole at my parents’ house and banged myself up. It wasn’t too bad but I did come out with four stitches. And now I can’t run for another week or two…so much for being excited about going back to running.

Things About Trips to the ER:

1. You initially think you’ll get away with not going to the doctor. It’s not like I had broken anything and we patched everything up.

2. You go to the urgent care first but they won’t treat you and you have to go to the real ER. I sort of fainted a few minutes after I fell in the hole. I was sitting in a chair waiting for my mom to get the bandaids when I started feeling faint. I think I saw the injuries and freaked out. The doctor said I had a “history of fainting” and named it something. It’s now probably in my permanent file.

3. Your brother has to go out to the man hole to retrieve your shoe. This of course was after he had to come assist me after fainting. Thankfully the shoes survived and just need a good wash.

4. Hobble into the ER looking like a hot mess. My jeans were ripped and rolled up (some of my favorite skinny jeans too, so I was a bit upset).

5. The doctor comes in and scopes everything out. We tell him all my issues–fainting, can’t swallow pills, runner, etc. At one point he says “I thought they said you were –.” I think I was supposed to be the easy case.

6. The doctor comments on my black toenail polish. I told him it’s edgy. Good thing I got them done last week–won’t be getting any pedicures for a while.

7. You’re informed that you won’t be able to wear shoes with a heel for two weeks. A bit of a problem in February. I refuse to wear flip flops to work, so we have to go to the shoe store. I got some sandals that are at least appropriate for work, if not appropriate for the weather.

8. You decide to stay at your parents’ so your mom will take care of you. I couldn’t handle taking care of my stitches by myself.

9. After the numbness wears off, you realize you can’t walk. And you’re sort of in a mess for a few days. Being immobile and helpless is not fun.

10. You hope that this will be the last round of injuries and doctor visits for a good long while. It’s been an accident prone year–and it’s only February.

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Things About Car Accidents

Sunday, on my way home from lunch with my mom, I was rear-ended by a teenager at a stoplight. I totally was not expecting it, especially considering that the car behind me had been sitting behind me for a few minutes. And like anybody who has experienced the pain of dealing with the aftermath of […]

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Things About The Bachelor

A few years ago, my college roommate convinced me to watch a season of The Bachelorette (I think it was The Bachelorette and not The Bachelor). She persuaded me because she reads this blog that makes fun of the show. So I think I mainly started watching in order to appreciate this blog. The problem […]

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2015 Highlights and Things

As predicted, this year was one for the books. Hopefully 2016 will be even better! Although, I’m admittedly a little freaked out by my upcoming birthday—I feel like I should have it more together than I do. 2015 Highlights and Things: 1. Birthday celebration at Pete’s Piano Bar. I’ve never really had a big birthday […]

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Christmas Things

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Reese’s Cups and Things

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Holiday Movie Things

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Things About Knee Injuries

I injured my knee a year ago and it has come back to haunt me. I feel like I talk about this knee injury way too much, but apparently it’s with good reason because I reinjured it running the half marathon at the Dallas Marathon this morning. This race was supposed to be my best […]

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