Things About Trips to the Car Dealership


I hate taking my car into the shop. It always takes entirely too long (even if it is on a random weekday morning). It is always more expensive than I planned. And they inevitably find some problem that needs to be fixed. The whole perk of buying my new car was the prospect of having no serious problems to deal with for quite some time. That has certainly been true so far, but as my car reaches its third birthday (three years already…yikes, I’m old!), various service things are coming due.

Things About Trips to the Car Dealership:

1. Sit and wait for someone to help you when you arrive. I had an appointment, but it still took a good seven minutes for someone to come over and ask what brought me in.

2. Sit and wait while the work is done. I typically schedule my car maintenance to be done on a random weekday when (theoretically) it will be a bit less busy. It never ceases to amaze me how many people will still be at the dealership having work done on their car on a random Thursday at 11 in the morning. Don’t these people work?!

3. Wonder if your theory about waiting at the dealership is true. I typically wait when I’m having work done because I have a theory that the service will be faster if they know you are sitting there and waiting. Though there may be some truth to this premise, I think that the benefits are only marginal. And yet, I still do this. Every time.

4. Finish working on what you brought with you early. It never fails that I underestimate how much time the work will take and run out of stuff to do. I anticipated a 30-45 minute wait this time. It was more like an hour and fifteen minutes.

5. Get text messages and emails from the service guy…while you’re sitting there. First of all, why do you need to communicate with me via text and email. Second of all, call me first and then resort to these other methods of communication. And lastly, I am sitting right here! Just come out and talk to me.

6. Look at the recommended service plan and have no idea what you’re looking at…and hope that the guy will call or come talk to you. I know nothing about cars and I hate when they give you a list of things you need done.

7. Text dad. Try to figure out how much actually needs to be done and whether to do it at the dealership or not.

8. Panic about when you’re going to find time to get all this stuff done. I was headed out of town the next day. And I have class and meetings and other stuff going on. I don’t have time to sort this out right now.

9. Get it sorted out. And even though I’ll be spending a ton of money to get all this stuff done, I somehow feel better knowing that it will be done before school gets crazy again.

10. Hope that the oil change isn’t due any time soon. I need a break from this for a good while. Knowing my luck, the light will come on this weekend.

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Things About Singin’ in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain

Photo courtesy of KCRW.


I woke up this Saturday morning to go for my usual long run. I checked the weather because I knew it was supposed to rain all weekend and saw that it was supposed to rain during my run. I went ahead and got dressed and did my stretches. I figured that I would see how it looked once I got started and if it was raining too hard, I’d turn around. I’m not that intimidated by a rainy run these days—it was cold and rainy both times I ran the full marathon.

When I started my run, it wasn’t bad at all. It was drizzling a bit and quite nice. However, it started pouring down rain about 30 minutes into my run. And by then, I was 3.5 miles from home. So even though I turned around because it was miserable, I still had a ways to go. A lot of things went through my mind on the way home.

Things You Think When Stuck Running in the Rain:

1. Dang it. Dang it. Dang it.

2. Why did I decide this was a good idea? I should have slept in. Or taken the weather app seriously. Or listened to mom when she said it was raining out.

3. I hope my watch is waterproof. I got a fancy Garmin GPS watch for Christmas a couple years ago and I really did not want to have to buy a new one. I’m fairly certain it’s waterproof, but I had never tested it quite like this before. So far it seems to still be working.

4. I seriously do not want to ruin my iPod. My iPod (yes, I still use an iPod) is most definitely not waterproof. And since I am still in school, I most certainly do not have money to replace it any time soon. So if it got wet, I would be working out music-less for a few years. I managed to shield it I think.

5. I hate stepping in puddles. I may be soaking wet already, but I sure do hate stepping in puddles anyways. I think it’s the water sloshing around in my shoes that gets me. I got mad every time I didn’t manage to avoid a puddle, even though it didn’t really matter at that point.

6. Wishing I’d see mom pull up to rescue me the whole time. I kept hoping mom would show up in her car. It didn’t happen.

7. I bet my split times are going to be really good. My pace was quite leisurely for the first three miles or so. But once it started pouring, I turned around and picked up the pace. I was hauling—I wanted to get home and get out of those soaked clothes.

8. But I also bet I’m going to be really sore tomorrow. My pace was definitely as fast as I would run in a race for the second half of my run, so I knew I would feel some post-race soreness in the morning.

9. I hope I don’t get sick. I don’t usually get sick just from running in the rain (even cold rain), but this was more rain than I usually deal with. So I am really hoping I don’t get sick. I don’t have time to be sick right now.

10. I am not doing this again. I’m not even training for anything right now. So it was not all that important to go on a long run this weekend.

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